It's so important to take care of your mind and body. These are 11 self-care affirmations I've adopted that help me through this crazy journey we call life.

In honor of mental health awareness month, I have created a list of self-care affirmations I’ve adopted that help me through this crazy journey we call life. Self-care is incredibly important, and it wasn’t until recently that I found out how much we need it. 


I’ve learned a lot about myself and about life since I started college. It’s been the first time in my life that I’m struggling so much with myself. I have big goals for my future, and I’ve been trying to improve myself and my skills so I can achieve them.


I realize I’ve been rushing to become the put-together adult I aim to be.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and tell myself to slow down. I’m fortunate to have someone in my life who reminds me to take it easy. Sometimes, though, we have to be that person for ourselves.


Nobody is as mean to you as you are to yourself. That’s just how the little voices in our heads work. They’re little demons whose only purpose is to mess with us and make us feel bad. They want to keep us down, keep us sad, keep us from being who we want to be. We have to learn to tell that little voice, “Hey, screw off! I’m better than that!” 


That’s why we have to learn to practice self-care. We have to love ourselves before we can properly love others. We have to care for ourselves before we can truly care for others. That’s why I’m sharing with you the 11 self-care affirmations that keep me going. This way, you can improve your own quality of life, and share your positiveness with others.


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