Porsha K. Williams

Writer, Tutor


Headshot of Porsha K. Williams

Hello! I’m Porsha K. Williams. Please do not confuse my name with the Real Housewife of Atlanta. I’m not even a housewife. I’m only 20!

I’m currently a college student, working hard to find myself and explore what’s out there for me. I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel and I’ve decided my career will be as a writer. What better way to start my writing career than with a blog? 

I’m passionate about learning new things. That’s why I play three instruments and major in IT. 

I also love sharing my knowledge with others. It’s one of the reasons I became a writing tutor. The experience has taught me a lot about people and language. 

When I’m not gaming, studying, socializing, or eating (as we so often do when we’re bored), I’ll be working to share my knowledge with you. 

My gift to you is a shortcut past the unnecessary stress. I’ve already done the hard stuff so you don’t have to! 

I’ll also be sharing with you my experiences as I attempt to transform from a wallflower into a sunflower, in the hopes that you’ll find something out about yourself or the world through reading my story.

Welcome to the journey. Happy reading!